Thinkific: Create Your Online Course Easily

First of all, Thinkific: an online course platform where you can create your course content easily.

It is the best option for you to start, If you are facing issues for selling your educational skills to students, have different questions about how to start for learning management system?

It is the all-in-one platform that empowers experts, trainers, and companies to quickly create and deliver stunning courses …

Thinkific: Create Best Learning Management System.

Thinkific is the all-in-one powerful platform for entrepreneurs, teachers, skill providers. They can easily create and sell online courses.

Let’s dive into detailed information to see what’s in there for you.

What all can you do with Thinkific? to create your course content.

Perks are included when you create your course with Thinkific.

Perk 1: You can create your expertise course without any stress.

Thinkific: online course platform

Perk 2: Three easy steps to your for your perfect course.

There are different templates available on the platform, You can choose them according to your niche or brand. They are ready-to-use templates that will be easy for you to make your own content for people.

You just have to choose, create your course content, preview and make it available for your students.

Thinkific: online course platform

Perk 3: Create Your Perfect Course.

To create your best and perfect course, there are different elements in there that will lead you to your perfection.

  • Live Lessons
  • Randomize Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Course Templates
  • Drip Schedule
  • Certificates
  • Communities
  • Coupons
Create your perfect course

Perk 4: Customize every Touchpoint.

The very exciting part of this is you can customize each and every point according to your brand, expertise, or niche, whatever you want to.

You can also control the pricing of your course and keep all your money without any additional fees.

Customize every touchpoint

Perk 5: Integrate with best and trusted tools.

To manage and analyze your growth, you get the trusted tools to integrate with from which you manage your email, leads, and many more things.

Thinkific: online course platform

Also, you can leverage your student’s analytics, which is much important for your business.

Thinkific: online course platform

Perk 6: Best customer support to reach your heights.

Three-tier support team to help you with your stuff 24/7.

  • Round-the-clock support
  • First-time creator support
  • The Creator community
Thinkific customer support

Perk 7: Scale your Business.

If you are still confused to take up the Thinkific as a scaling partner then you can try its free plan and then you can transit to basic or pro as your business scales.

Thinkific: online course platform
Different plans for scaling your business, Get your one month free trial on pro version

Check Pricing yourself.

Free Plan – $0Test-drive Thinkific’s core feature set for free, with unlimited students.
Basic – $39 USD/MOStart your course creation experience with the basic features and tools you need to launch your first course.
Pro – $79 USD/MOFor course creators ready to build a successful online course business, a complete suite of tools to create an amazing student experience.
Premier – $399 USD/MOFor advanced customers ready to build an education empire, get all the Thinkific features + the Growth package. Designed for delivering online education at scale. No limitations – one flat fee.
Plus – QuoteFeatures that scale with you. Grow your business with no limitations on their most robust plan.

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